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Dusty with Einstein at the Batley Variety Club (1967)

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Dusty in the Stedelijk Museum

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Small and miniature oil paintings by Jessica Gardner

i’m a mixed-up, fucked-up singer of a song: for those who need to put their “okay” face every time they face the world even if they feel that the world is against them watching their every step and then laugh at them every time they fall. for those who needed to get up and be the bigger person even if they feel that nobody understands. [listen]

devils don’t fly - natalia kills // sarah - kate miller-heidke // complex person - the pretenders // don’t let it show - pat benatar // letter to god - hole // storms - fleetwood mac // one more time with feeling - regina spektor // run for cover - sugababes // introspection - mgmt // can’t cry these tears - garbage

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“When you don’t have many friends and you don’t have a social life you’re kind of left looking at things, not doing things. There’s a weird freedom in not having people treat you like you’re part of society or where you have to fulfil social relationships.”

Tim Burton  (via aphreodite)

kindred spirits: a mix for people brought together by a common thread - be it shared experiences, interests, or even a shared special connection that words couldn’t describe [listen]

daughters of sorrow - the new pornographers // black coffee - all saints // empathy - alanis morrissette // safe and sound - taylor swift feat. the civil wars // lifetime - emeli sande // we can glow - royal teeth // all over again - little big town // wishing well - jo dee messina // golden - lady antebellum feat. stevie nicks // winter song - sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson // butterflies - sia

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