Cobie Smulders for SELF Magazine (April 2014)



why i view a character as queer:  i connected one of their habits to something i used to do to cover up being queer. their interactions with a same-gender character remind me of romantic tropes. they’re a childhood hero and i’ve collected every possible trait that might be an indication of queerness over seven years of time to form a complete extensive collection of these traits so they can be like me. I took the queerbaiting in one of the episodes involving them seriously because it’s the closest i’m going to get. They have a way of dealing with issues that’s similar to how i dealt with issues when i was repressing queer feelings. Their powers/narrative is a direct parallel to the standard queer narrative and may even be considered an intentional metaphor for it but i don’t want fucking metaphors i want actual representation so i’ll make this shit both, don’t go stealing my shit. Thousands upon thousands of reasons. 

why straight people apparently think i view a character as queer: to push the “Gay agenda” 

#also bc i can 


Stevie “grabby hands for Christine” Nicks

Stevie: This is mine.

No, seriously. She’s mine.

Not joking. Mine.


Hey look what’s still mine.

*Happy tears*

*Inner peace*