Cobie Smulders for SELF Magazine (April 2014)



why i view a character as queer:  i connected one of their habits to something i used to do to cover up being queer. their interactions with a same-gender character remind me of romantic tropes. they’re a childhood hero and i’ve collected every possible trait that might be an indication of queerness over seven years of time to form a complete extensive collection of these traits so they can be like me. I took the queerbaiting in one of the episodes involving them seriously because it’s the closest i’m going to get. They have a way of dealing with issues that’s similar to how i dealt with issues when i was repressing queer feelings. Their powers/narrative is a direct parallel to the standard queer narrative and may even be considered an intentional metaphor for it but i don’t want fucking metaphors i want actual representation so i’ll make this shit both, don’t go stealing my shit. Thousands upon thousands of reasons. 

why straight people apparently think i view a character as queer: to push the “Gay agenda” 

#also bc i can 


Stevie “grabby hands for Christine” Nicks

Stevie: This is mine.

No, seriously. She’s mine.

Not joking. Mine.


Hey look what’s still mine.

*Happy tears*

*Inner peace*

white pppl normally have prettier faces than black


nahhhh they just built built a global power structure of white supremacy and a pillar of which is the glorification of eurocentric beauty standards that is impossible for most people of color to live up to so our beauty is often and fetishized or exoticized and only really praised when it adorns white faces (see lip injections ass injections tans ect ect) and then theres the thing about white people ageing like bananas but im not trying to be petty so bloop try again 





slowly approaching bear

the bears will be in eventually


Bear will arrive sooner than thought.